Chilean worker stories: symbols and cultural meanings

  • Eduardo Acuña A. Universidad de Chile


This paper considers the analysis of stories written by Chilean female and male workers. The stories are understood as cultural expressions of organizational life. The study combines the
hermeneutic and the psychoanalytical methods for their capacity to make interpretations of texts. Thirty nine stories are examined and classified according to different poetic genres, tragic, epic, comic, romantic and mystical. The interpretation of the stories allows to know the underlying cultural meanings that result of the participation of workers in the post industrial Chilean society and organizations. The stories also inform on meanings of submission and resistance in the culture. The study reveals how Chilean workers, through their stories, play protagonists roles in the creation of the culture of organizations.
Keywords Workers Stories, Organizational Culture
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Acuña A., E. (2007). Chilean worker stories: symbols and cultural meanings. Estudios de Administración, 14(2), 65-118. doi:10.5354/0719-0816.2007.56444